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Subway express 2 by Battlemania Missions 2023/2024

Subway express 2 by Battlemania Missions 2023/2024




As this is the sequel to Subway express
the duo continue their quest to stop a
criminal gang from taking over the  
Metro Subway.
We see the duo take on the gang
that has continued to gain access
to the subway.
As you travel through the train
station and tunnel network system
where fast moving trains dont stop
encountering the Chinese mafia,
You are joined by Agents that will
help and try to assist in stopping
the gang.

Battlemania missions GTA V
are more like episodes than missions
They have multiple missions rolled
into one mission with no load times
They are full of action & storyline
and fun to play offline on PC.

Average mission duration is 1hr+

Available for PC Gamers to
download free and play on PC