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www.avoiraudio.com has teamed up with Battlemania Missions GTA V 2023 

Battlemania missions GTA V "We hope you enjoy the missions as it takes time to 

develope them, action, storylines & dialog ect... being emersed in the quality

of the missions brings enjoyment when playing the game Avoir Audio is 

making them available for you to download and play on PC for free"

New releases 2024?

Carlton's Chronicles are the name of the new
episodes that will be released for GTA V
by Battlemania Missions GTA V and will
be available to download and play on
PC offline.
We are expecting to start releasing them
some time in December 2023 or early
2024 at www.avoiraudio.com then shortly
after they will be available at GTA5-mods.com
At first sight the new episodes look
amazing with good story lines no loading
times new vehicle appearances super villains
and much much more.
As requested by GTA V gamers these new
episodes are set to bring even more
enjoyment for GTA V gamers to download
and play.


How to install offline GTA V missions?

Installing all the requirements can be confusing 

so we have a installer for you to use.

Some of our missions are available

without the installer at www.gta5-mods.com 




If you are new it is suggested to use our 

offline installer it will save you alot of time & when

you uninstall,  it will only uninstall what was installed.

Our installer will install all of the following requirements 

and all Battlemania GTA 5 missions released so far in 2023.

Click the (click here) button near any mission on this page 

you will recieve a download link with the installer.

You must be a Avoir Audio Instagram follower or

Youtube Subscriber.


Requirements :                   

NATIVE UI v1.9.1
SCRIPTHOOK V v1.0.2802.0




Airport attack by Battlemania Missions 2023


A former Agent turns rogue terrorist forms a
gang and launches attacks on a Airport when
a bribery plan goes wrong (You) the game
user are assigned a Agent called Mrs jones to
accompany you on your mission.
The duo first must fend off fighter jets in the
skies attacking the Airport and the duo.
They then go in search of the rogue's
whereabouts only to find themselves in all
out war against the rogue's gang who is
attempting to attack the Airport again.
full of epic action, Helicopters, Motorbikes,
classic sport cars from the early 007 days.
The rogue's gang has set out to stop
the duo from spoiling their criminal plan
Mission duration is about 1+ hours
One of the best missions we've played
so far for GTA V offline.


Go to the free downloads page.

Party on the Ocean by Battlemania Missions 2023





The duo team up once again joined be a group
of Agents to defeat a group of terrorists who have
taken control of a $300m Yaght.
Their aim is to rob the rich party goers and then to
hold them for a large ransom.
Will the duo be able to stop them or will
the plan to save them end in tragedy.


Go to the free downloads page.





Zombie outbreak by Battlemania Missions





This time the duo team up with 2 wannabe
super heroes to battle against zombies and
a mad scientist.
A scientist was hired by the Government and
assigned to work on a top secret project that
was eventually shut down.
Having no government buildings to hold the
zombies, the mad scientist stores the
zombies in large shipment containers in the city.
The zombies soon get loose along with the virus
and civilians start turning into zombies.
Government agents find out about the zombies
and try to cover it up.

Soundtrack by Avoir Audio


Go to the free downloads page.




Subway express by Battlemania Missions




This time the duo have an encounter
with the Chinese mafia.
The duo is alerted that two gangs are
at war in and around the Metro Subway.
One of the gangs are the Chinese mafia,
they refused to leave the Subway after
drugs were found on them, leading to a
shoot out with the Police.
After the Chinese gangsters attempted
to kill the Chinese Ambassador Mr Chang,
in order to take control of part of a
business in the city.
Ambassador Chang is put into protective
The duo and Agents take on the
formiddable Chinese gangsters in the
Metro Subway and the streets in order to
put them behind bars.
In the mean time a currupt official
is recruiting gang members so the duo
decide to pay them a visit.
Don't forget to catch the right Train.
There is actually alot more to this
The gang actually speak Chinese in the
game thought that was real cool.
You will have to play it to find out.
Over all a good interesting mission
full of action.


Go to the free downloads page.


Subway express  2 by Battlemania Missions




As this is the sequel to Subway express
the duo continue their quest to stop a
criminal gang from taking over the  
Metro Subway.
We see the duo take on the gang
that has continued to gain access
to the subway.
As you travel through the train
station and tunnel network system
where fast moving trains dont stop
encountering the Chinese mafia,
You are joined by Agents that will
help and try to assist in stopping
the gang.

Go to the free downloads page.




Mafia Cartel by Battlemania Missions




A Senior FBI Agent becomes the target of the Italian
mafia after he sends a member of the Mafia to Prison.
The FIB Agents partner gets assasinated at a Press
meeting by the gang and now they are after him.
The FIB Agent teams up with the duo to search for
those responsible.
The man sent to prison was a sports car dealer who
was working for the Mafia smuggling huge amounts
of narcotics in and out of the Country.
They payed off Government officials and the Police
to keep it quite.  
The duo, are assigned to protect the FBI Agent and try to
end the orgnized smuggling ring of organised criminals. 


Mission lasts 1hr or less if your a pro
We played this new mission in Beta before it was just
 recently released and was happy there was a good
story line which made it quite a complete game.
Instead of just rushing from checkpoint to checkpoint
we took our time and followed the storyline.
full of top sport cars, fast long car chases, great visuals
and action, If you like fast racing and super fast cars
this is for you. reminds us of when games used to be
we noticed when playing these mini games, we should
just call them mini games lol,is when you play it again,
something new or different happens in the game and
that makes you want to play it again and again. 



More missions coming soon !


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