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Mafia Cartel by Battlemania Missions GTA V 2023/2024

Mafia Cartel by Battlemania Missions GTA V 2023/2024




A Senior FBI Agent becomes the target of the Italian
mafia after he sends a member of the Mafia to Prison.
The FIB Agents partner gets assasinated at a Press
meeting by the gang and now they are after him.
The FIB Agent teams up with the duo to search for
those responsible.
The man sent to prison was a sports car dealer who
was working for the Mafia smuggling huge amounts
of narcotics in and out of the Country.
They payed off Government officials and the Police
to keep it quite.  
The duo, are assigned to protect the FBI Agent and try to
end the orgnized smuggling ring of organised criminals. 


Mission lasts 1hr or less if your a pro
We played this new mission in Beta before it was just
 recently released and was happy there was a good
story line which made it quite a complete game.
Instead of just rushing from checkpoint to checkpoint
we took our time and followed the storyline.
full of top sport cars, fast long car chases, great visuals
and action, If you like fast racing and super fast cars
this is for you. reminds us of when games used to be
we noticed when playing these mini games, we should
just call them mini games lol,is when you play it again,
something new or different happens in the game and
that makes you want to play it again and again. 

Battlemania missions GTA V
are more like episodes than missions
They have multiple missions rolled
into one mission with no load times
They are full of action & storyline
and fun to play offline on PC.

Average mission duration is 1hr+

Available for PC Gamers to
download free and play on PC