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Subway Express by Battlemania Missions GTA V 2023/2024

Subway Express by Battlemania Missions GTA V 2023/2024




This time the duo have an encounter
with the Chinese mafia.
The duo is alerted that two gangs are
at war in and around the Metro Subway.
One of the gangs are the Chinese mafia,
they refused to leave the Subway after
drugs were found on them, leading to a
shoot out with the Police.
After the Chinese gangsters attempted
to kill the Chinese Ambassador Mr Chang,
in order to take control of part of a
business in the city.
Ambassador Chang is put into protective
The duo and Agents take on the
formiddable Chinese gangsters in the
Metro Subway and the streets in order to
put them behind bars.
In the mean time a currupt official
is recruiting gang members so the duo
decide to pay them a visit.
Don't forget to catch the right Train.
There is actually alot more to this
The gang actually speak Chinese in the
game thought that was real cool.
You will have to play it to find out.
Over all a good interesting mission
full of action.

Battlemania missions GTA V
are more like episodes than missions
They have multiple missions rolled
into one mission with no load times
They are full of action & storyline
and fun to play offline on PC.

Average mission duration is 1hr+

Available for PC Gamers to
download free and play on PC