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Zombie Outbreak by Battlemania Missions GTA V 2023/2024

Zombie Outbreak by Battlemania Missions GTA V 2023/2024





This time the duo team up with 2 wannabe
super heroes to battle against zombies and
a mad scientist.
A scientist was hired by the Government and
assigned to work on a top secret project that
was eventually shut down.
Having no government buildings to hold the
zombies, the mad scientist stores the
zombies in large shipment containers in the city.
The zombies soon get loose along with the virus
and civilians start turning into zombies.
Government agents find out about the zombies
and try to cover it up.

Battlemania missions GTA V
are more like episodes than missions
They have multiple missions rolled
into one mission with no load times
They are full of action & storyline
and fun to play offline on PC.

Average mission duration is 1hr+

Available for PC Gamers to
download free and play on PC