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Avoir Tape Presets Vol. 1 by Avoir Audio 2023/2024

Avoir Tape Presets Vol. 1 by Avoir Audio 2023/2024


Worth $40


An amazing rare collection of Pad sounds that
were originally rendered unplayable by top
spec Synths and top spec computers. Built from
the ground up here at Avoir Audio. When played
in chords these stand out beautifully like Pads are
supposed to, as we ship worldwide we're not
suprised beginners and some top Artists include
great sounds in their mix for great sounding
instrumentles so we have decided to release :
Avoir Tape Presets Vol. 1 for free.





System Requirements :

Windows 7-8-10 64bit
or Mac
Native Instruments Kontakt 6
5.92 GB hard disk space


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Synth presets, Drumloops, PC Gaming and much more 

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