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Airport attack by Battlemania Missions GTA V 2023/2024

 Airport attack by Battlemania Missions GTA V 2023/2024


A former Agent turns rogue terrorist forms a
gang and launches attacks on a Airport when
a bribery plan goes wrong (You) the game
user are assigned a Agent called Mrs jones to
accompany you on your mission.
The duo first must fend off fighter jets in the
skies attacking the Airport and the duo.
They then go in search of the rogue's
whereabouts only to find themselves in all
out war against the rogue's gang who is
attempting to attack the Airport again.
full of epic action, Helicopters, Motorbikes,
classic sport cars from the early 007 days.
The rogue's gang has set out to stop
the duo from spoiling their criminal plan
Mission duration is about 1+ hours
One of the best missions we've played
so far for GTA V offline.

Battlemania missions GTA V
are more like episodes than missions
They have multiple missions rolled
into one mission with no load times
They are full of action & storyline
and fun to play offline on PC.

Average mission duration is 1hr+

Available for PC Gamers to
download free and play on PC